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Another attribute included in the larger design of this new Apple iPhone is the fact that the battery is larger as well. This is because more power is required for the larger display, but does allow for longer usage because of the increased storage capacity of the battery. The outside design of the phone has become more conducive to the operators ability to manage the buttons. The volume buttons are on the left-hand side of the unit, but are now designed as flat and wide buttons rather than being round in design.

Above the volume buttons is the power button. Located on the bottom portion of the iPhone is a 3. Another powerful feature of this unit is an improvement to the internal speaker. Initial impressions of the speaker are that it provides a quality and powerful sound. On the face of the iPhone 6 is of course the touch screen display.

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Located beneath the touchscreen display is the home button that when pressed brings the user back to the home screen. The convenience of this design is that with the simple long touch of the home button, the unit will be unlocked. An added dynamic to the iPhone 6 16GB is the increased speed capability.

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This speed can register up to Mbps. Additionally, Wi-Fi has been enhanced to a speed of Of course, the new iPhones are equipped with a photo camera and movie camera.

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The advances for the camera include 8MP technology and a more rapid auto focus. In addition the movie camera records at 60 fps and offers a slow motion feature which records at fps. Colors of the new iPhone 6 16GB include space gray, silver or gold. Another added cool feature built into this new iPhone is a tracking device called the M8 motion coprocessor. Even the name of this feature sounds cool as it allows you to keep track of the speed in which you are traveling as well as the distance covered. Negatives of this new device, it can be argued, are the size of the unit.

Being bigger, although nicer for display purposes, may make its use a little cumbersome when trying to work with one hand in utilizing its functions. Also, traditional users of previous iPhones may find that Apple iPhone 6 16GB may be difficult to adjust to at first with the placing of this phone in their pocket. The issue at hand may be the size of the unit. However, this may be a moot point as individuals become more accustomed by utilizing the phone.

One final point to be made in the review of this product is the propensity of this phone being broken. Surprisingly, a number of tests have been conducted with this very question in mind as to how prone it is to be broken. The various reviews conducted with this objective in mind raced it as the least likely phone to break out of all those that were tested. By browsing this website, you consent to our use of cookies to improve your user experience and to deliver personalised content to you. More info Close X.

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OnePlus 6T. A new generation of iPhone. All-glass design. Advanced cameras. A11 Bionic chip. Wireless charging. Designed with the most durable glass ever in a smartphone and a stronger, aerospace-grade aluminium band. Charges wirelessly. Powered by A11 Bionic, the smartest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.

Supports augmented reality experiences in games and apps. Say hello to the future. TrueDepth camera with Portrait selfies and new Portrait Lighting. With iPhone X, the next era of iPhone has begun. With iPhone 8 Plus, intelligence has never looked better.

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The Internet puts an unlimited source of information and entertainment at your fingertips. However, it can be hard to know where to start. This guide explains what you need — and what you need to know — to get online. Smartphones have become a crucial part of life for many people in providing personal assistance, entertainment, access to information, and connecting with family and friends. Harvey Norman Stores are operated by independent franchisees.

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